Poetry & Short Stories

Explorations in voice and genre

Poem: About a Painter

A poem I wrote in honor of a teacher I had in college.

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Short story: Hold the Pineapple

A radical departure in voice. This is perfectly creepy for Halloween.

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Poem: Future vs. FORTUNE 500

A comparison between the priceless and what money can buy.

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Short story: Second Chance at Heaven

Honorable mention in the 2020 Texas Observer Short Story Contest.

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Microfiction: The Model

Aviva's first time modeling and she has a moment of realization that her body image needs healing.

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Poetry: Totem, Elemental Fire, Sacred and Profane 

Three tiny poems inspired by prompts on Twitter.

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Essay: Lessons in Personality Integration from the Movies The Wizard of Oz and The Wiz 

Placed 2nd in the International Oz Group's 2019 Writing Contest in Nonfiction.

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Short Story: Suit for the Future

Personal story inspired by a fond memory of my dad

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Short Story: 3rd Person POV

Analieze and Rick are finding their love life fizzling out. Coming up with a solution has never been so funny. The point of view of a third person not only has to save their marriage, but uncover secrets they've been keeping from each other. Part I.

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