Poetry & Short Stories

Explorations in voice and genre

Short Story: The Names That Survived

Mary's grandmother's dying wish is for her to get in touch with her Trinidadian roots. Her visit reveals secrets and cultural depth, but also sparks rivalries. Handsome Javon helps her discover the meaning of her authentic name, but he has a troubled past. Will Mary return to Brooklyn the same? Will she return alone?

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Poem: About a Painter

A poem I wrote in honor of a teacher I had in college.

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Short story: Hold the Pineapple

A radical departure in voice. This is perfectly creepy for Halloween.

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Poem: Future vs. FORTUNE 500

A comparison between the priceless and what money can buy.

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Short story: Second Chance at Heaven

Honorable mention in the 2020 Texas Observer Short Story Contest.

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Microfiction: The Model

Aviva's first time modeling and she has a moment of realization that her body image needs healing.

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Poetry: Totem, Elemental Fire, Sacred and Profane 

Three tiny poems inspired by prompts on Twitter.

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Essay: Lessons in Personality Integration from the Movies The Wizard of Oz and The Wiz 

Placed 2nd in the International Oz Group's 2019 Writing Contest in Nonfiction.

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Short Story: Suit for the Future

Personal story inspired by a fond memory of my dad

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Short Story: 3rd Person POV

Analieze and Rick are finding their love life fizzling out. Coming up with a solution has never been so funny. The point of view of a third person not only has to save their marriage, but uncover secrets they've been keeping from each other. Part I.

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Short Story: The KKK Welcome Wagon

Honorable mention in the Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival Caribbean-American writers short story contest 2021

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Short Stories on Reedsy's blog

A growing collection of free reads that were entered in Reedsy's weekly contests

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Short Story Creative Nonfiction
The Maple Leaf's Cross

A brief bit of prose in remembrance of one of my father's sayings, "Eh boy, look at my crosses, nuh."

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Roll the Credits

Chloe and Dylan have been BFF for a long time. While waiting for the theater's house lights to come back on, a disturbance could change their relationship. Maybe forever.

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