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What writers have said about my editing service

Mackenzie has a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of storytelling. Whether its POV breaches, awkward language, or characterization issues, she will alert you to your work's weaknesses and point you in the right direction. Her input is honest and invaluable, and my work is far better for it.

Cal P. Logan
Repped by Bond Literary Agency

Ultimate professional. Thorough. Concise. Honest but never cruel. Asked thoughtful pointed questions that improved my work. I highly recommend her.

Martin Cullen
Urban Fantasy

Mackenzie Littledale offers more than your typical developmental editor. She walks through the story with you until you have a better story than you ever imagined. She has a gift for seeing the story just as you do. She adds to the story without taking away your vision. Problem with procrastination? No worries, Mack will light a charge in your mind that will keep you working for days. Your story will be complete, your pride will be intact and your writing will be better than ever. Mackenzie Littledale is an editor you can trust with your most precious words. I have and she's never, ever let me down.

Phebe Yawson
YA Fantasy/Short Stories

Mackenzie’s insight cannot be overstated. From the minutiae of grammar and word choice to macro story-wide arc changes, she is thoughtful, and never sneering, or condescending. Highly recommend.

Alexander James
Literary Fiction
Repped by Bond Literary Agency

I appreciate your insight and seriously... you may want to think about developmental editing!

CD Storiz
YA Fantasy

Mackenzie is AMAZING when it comes to this. I begged her to be brutally honest and don't bother with the positive feedback, and what I received in return was actual help!

Steven Viner
Domestic Suspense

Mackenzie Littledale goes above and beyond when it comes to beta reading. She helps me out a lot and has a way of explaining where I make errors in a way that helps me understand. She is careful to maintain my author's voice, improves flow, makes me think more deeply about my characters, and strengthens my writing. I'm very grateful for her insights. I'd recommend her beta reading and editing services to any writer who wants to improve their work.

Diego D. Lomax
Adult Fantasy

YOU are a 5-star, VIP, supreme beta reader. I am indebted. Thank you so very much. I’ve been making all your edit suggestions as you’ve been sending me chapters, and the book is already so much stronger for it.

Dr. Bella Claywood
Domestic Suspense
Repped by Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

Thank you, Mackenzie this is great. I originally planned to release at the end of the month which coincides with the return to my day job (long, long hours). I am going to delay however as I feel you are improving the storytelling and reader experience beyond recognition. If you ever need a reference for editing please do not hesitate to shout.

Alan Agnew
Domestic Suspense

Beta readers are hard to come by. Good beta readers are a rare gift. Great beta readers are like unicorns appearing in a science fiction movies. They're super rare. Mackenzie Littledale is that unicorn. Mackenzie beta read Memory Reborn. Every day I would log in to check her notes and see what she thought about the latest chapter. Her insight and honesty were solid tools to show whether or not I had achieved the goals I set forth for that chapter. Throughout the project her guidance and encouragement strengthened my belief in my own words. Thank you, Mackenzie. Memory Reborn is a better book because of you.

Steven Nedeau
Science Fiction

Mackenzie Littledale’s standard of proofreading is extremely high in the scheme of things. She read, reviewed and basically line edited RENEGADE, the second book in the Tommy McNulty series for me. The feedback she provided has been invaluable for the production of major improvements in both the structure and the content of the story.

Owen Richards
Science Fiction

Mackenzie completely helped me transform my story into something really good. And she worked so fast. I'll definitely send her more stories for editing in the future. Excellent work.

Keith McMahon

When I sent my anthology, Fallen, to Mackenzie, I had no idea how she would receive it since it's high fantasy. She didn't disappoint. Mack gently, but brutally, took my emotions out of the story and forced me to see my characters clearly. Because of her, I bled some of my best work.

Ryen Lesli

Genres I Enjoy Reading

Line and developmental editing
Women's fiction
- like Katherine Center, Jessica Strawser, Linda Holmes, Terry McMillan, Alisa Valdes, and Jennifer Weiner
Thrill/suspense - like James Patterson an Joshilyn Jackson
Psychological thriller - like Dawn Hosmer
Historical fiction - like Ken Follett
Nonfiction* - primarily self-help, sales, marketing, writing craft, and investing (stocks and bonds)

*Note: I am not a fact-checker

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Genres I Can Be Persuaded to Read

Fantasy - like J.K. Rowling, Cal P. Logan, Diego D. Lomax
Paranormal suspense - I'll try it
Science Fiction

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Genres I Do Not Read or Enjoy

Werewolves, vampires, or zombies
Graphic or gratuitous violence

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I don't bite. The red pen is nothing to fear

(payments thru PayPal or Zelle)

Writers need Readers
Hire me as your editor to make your finished work come alive in readers' imaginations!
Certified Developmental Editor from UCLA Extension

Line editing and Developmental Editing

$.005/word and up

3 installments

Price can vary depending on the level of work required. Detailed, insightful, and balanced review with suggestions for revision of your MS.
First 10 pages + synopsis=sample edit

The steps

Let's get started!

A good working relationship is like any other relationship. It requires a level of mutual respect and admiration.

1. Send your first 10 pages plus an informal synopsis of your manuscript.

2. I'll read your pages and provide a sample edit at no charge. This is a value of $25.

3. We'll schedule a video chat via Google Meet to discuss how your writing spoke to me. We'll go over my edits, suggestions, and advice to strengthen your story.

3. If you like my expertise, energy, and communication style, we'll establish goals and expectations.

4. We'll establish deadlines, pricing, and a payment schedule. We'll determine whether you need a beta read, a general manuscript critique or a developmental edit.

If your manuscript needs a developmental edit, the price per word will largely depend on how clean your work is when you send it to me. It's difficult to ignore line editing if it's needed, so please at the very least, run the spell/grammar check before submitting.

*I prefer to read via Google docs, though Word is OK.

Not sure yet? Take a look at my work.

Actual chapter and edits

Read Chapter 11 of author Cal P. Logan's medieval fantasy Sundering followed by my editorial notes here.

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